Diabetes Management and Why It’s So Important

Diabetes management involves maintaining normal glucose levels through consistent monitoring, medication, diet and lifestyle. Many factors can make blood sugar levels change, making diabetes care an important aspect of the skilled nursing services we provide at Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services. 

Our care team is trained to carefully monitor, record and analyze blood sugar levels and can intervene as necessary to ensure glucose levels remain in a safe range. 


Dangers of Poorly Controlled Diabetes 

Diabetes, when poorly managed, can cause your loved one to have extreme highs and lows in terms of blood sugar levels. With extremely low blood sugar levels, your loved one may become nervous, anxious, irritable or begin to shake. Fainting and a rapid heartbeat are possible as well. 

On the other hand, your loved one may feel fatigued, become nauseated or experience shortness of breath when his or her blood sugar levels rise. 

When diabetes is left unmanaged, your loved one may suffer from heart, kidney or vision problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a diabetic is twice as likely to have a stroke or heart disease as someone without diabetes.


How Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services Can Help 

First and foremost, anyone who works directly with your loved one has some level of diabetes training. For instance, our nurses are well-versed in diabetes management. They know how to evaluate your loved one’s blood sugar, administer insulin based on your loved one’s prescription and provide your loved one with the proper medication. Our nurses are trained to intervene accordingly to abnormal blood sugar levels. Additionally, we keep accurate records and routinely analyze them. 

Both aides and nurses receive training on recognizing the signs that sugar levels are too high or too low. A nurse will then respond as necessary to get your loved one back on track. 

Diet also plays a role in diabetes management. Our dietary team is familiar with the proper diet that can help individuals with diabetes regulate their blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight. You can feel confident knowing your loved one is receiving a diet, including meals and snacks, with blood sugar control in mind. 

Physical activity and exercise are important aspects of diabetes management as well. Our physical therapy team can help your loved one stay active and receive proper exercise within their functional abilities. 

Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services understands the dangers of uncontrolled or inadequately controlled diabetes and we take every step necessary to prevent short and long-term complications for your loved one. 

Discover more about our skilled nursing and rehabilitation services by calling 1-800-999-9883 or by using our convenient online form. We are ready to greet your loved one with a smiling face and provide him or her with the care he or she deserves, including diabetes management!