How to Plan for Your Aging Parent’s Future

Your parents spent a great deal of time planning for your future, more than likely. They went above and beyond to make sure you were cared for, and now, it’s your time to do the same for them. Liberty Healthcare and Rehab, serving various areas throughout NC, has some tips to assist in the process. 


Evaluate Your Parent’s Situation

Before you have a game plan for your loved one, you should look at their current situation. Does your loved one live alone? How close are you in the event of an emergency? What are the dimensions of your parent’s home? Is it small enough that they can easily care for it? 

By answering these questions, you can get a better idea of your parent’s situation and determine if you should begin the search for nursing care in North Carolina for them. 


Look at Your Parent’s Health

As you’re planning for your aging parent’s future, you should consider your parent’s health. Assess their mobility. Think about if they’re able to walk and get around their house easily. Evaluate how many falls they’ve had recently. 

Take some time to evaluate your loved one’s health condition, both physically and cognitively. Determine whether the conditions are worsening or remaining the same. 

If you notice that your loved one is falling more or struggling to maneuver around their home, it may be time to look into care. Additionally, nursing care in North Carolina could be an option if your loved one has worsening health conditions that require monitoring.


Factor in Your Situation 

When you’re considering their future, look into options for them to stay at home. If the option of them staying with you seems impossible and there’s no one else to step in, you may need to consider a nursing care facility. 


Have the Talk 

Talk to your parents about how they feel about their current living situation and how they feel about downsizing their home, going to a care facility, living with a family member, or whatever their situation is. You don’t want your loved one to be resentful of you if you make decisions without their consent. 


Review Your Parent’s Finances

While you’re in the planning process, make sure you know your loved one’s finances to determine which nursing home in NC is right for them. Take into consideration that some locations take insurance while others require you to pay out of pocket only.  


Know Their Level of Care Needed

Different care levels for the elderly exist, such as assisted living and skilled care.

Assisted living is for patients that can benefit from assistance with specific everyday activities in a safe residential setting. This allows seniors to maintain their independence in a safe, supportive residential community.

Skilled care is for patients who require a bit more care, often only that a nurse can provide. Additionally, a person who qualifies for nursing care may have a serious medical condition that nurses can better manage.

Ultimately, you should have a general idea of the level of care your loved one requires based on their health. If you’re paying with insurance, it’s important to contact the provider to determine what level of care they’ll cover for your loved one and what needs to happen for them to qualify. 


Legal, Financial and Medical Considerations

Before your loved one goes to any facility, it is important to make legal, financial and medical decisions. Making these decisions early, gives you the advantage of being prepared for the future and not having to worry about them, when other life circumstances are at play.

As you plan for your parents future, you need to keep your loved one’s interests and health in mind. Eldercare attorneys and financial planners can help families determine which documents are needed and how they should be completed. 

Find a care home for your loved one with Liberty Healthcare and Rehab, serving various cities in North Carolina.