How We Make a Difference at Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services

How We Make a Difference

Our mission is to provide compassionate care that helps people reach their healthcare goals and improve their quality of life. When you choose Liberty, you become part of our Liberty family. Here are some of the stories of how Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services has made a difference in the lives of those we care for.

Lizzie and Norman’s Story – Liberty’s Continuum of Care

Liberty’s continuum of care is tailored to meet the evolving healthcare needs of older adults, just like Lizzie and Norman Murphy. Norman benefits from skilled care at Elizabethtown Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center and is a member of Liberty Medicare Advantage’s Institutional Special Needs Plan. Lizzie still lives at home and is a member of Liberty Medicare Advantage’s Chronic Special Needs Plan, which specializes in care for diabetes and heart conditions. Thanks to Liberty Medicare Advantage, Lizzie was able to detect high blood pressure early on, showcasing the effectiveness of their specialized care approach for individuals with unique health concerns.

Ronnie’s Story – A Testament to Resilience

Ronnie Cox’s journey at Mary Gran Nursing Center is a true testament to resilience. Despite facing health complications from drinking that left him unable to move his arms and legs, Ronnie refused to give up. When he first arrived at Mary Gran, he was unable to even roll out of bed. However, with the unwavering support and guidance of our dedicated team of physical and occupational therapists, Ronnie has made incredible progress. Through countless hours of therapy and determination, Ronnie has regained his strength and independence. Today, he is proudly walking on his own, without the need for any assistive devices. His journey serves as an inspiration to others, proving that with perseverance and the right support system, anything is possible.

Thomas’s Story – Third Time is the Charm

Thomas Fornera decided to give Liberty Commons Rehabilitation Center in Wilmington, North Carolina a try after what he described as two very unpleasant experiences at two other rehab centers. After learning about his previous experiences, our Liberty team ensured his third stay at a rehab center was a positive one while helping him recover from two toe amputations. He received physical therapy, occupational therapy and wound care, and was able to return home to his family without any further health complications.

Michael’s Story – Finding Support at Liberty

Michael Arwood was eagerly searching for a rehabilitation community that could meet his unique needs after a series of health complications left him hospitalized. While others turned him away, Liberty Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Johnston County stepped up to the plate to help Michael overcome the obstacles he faced so he could reach his health and therapy goals.

Dennis’s Story – A Special Surprise

Dennis Proffitt, a resident at The Foley Center at Chestnut Ridge, is a HUGE Appalachian State University fan. Housekeeping Manager Chris Wood had an idea to get Dennis a signed football from the team to place in his room. Social Worker Amy Townsend made a call to Angie Miller at ASU and they made the whole thing happen! Not only did ASU give Dennis a football signed by the entire team, but they also provided a team jersey, a stand for the football, two long sleeve shirts, a hoodie and a polo shirt. Dennis was so excited, he cried tears of joy! We are so thankful for ASU’s kindness and generosity to provide such a sweet surprise for Dennis!

Jackie’ Story – Trusting in Liberty

After a previous stay at Elizabethtown Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Jackie Hammonds knew she could trust Liberty once again when she needed physical and occupational therapy following a hospitalization. Jackie faced greater obstacles than her prior stay, but she continues to progress daily while maintaining a positive attitude and spreading love and joy to our staff and other residents. With hard work and dedication, she is getting closer to her goal of walking again.

Paula’s Story – Learning How to Walk Again

Paula Meggs fell, resulting in three fractures that required surgery. She suddenly had to face the obstacle of learning how to walk again. After two weeks in the hospital, Paula began her stay at Liberty Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Columbus County in Whiteville, North Carolina to start occupational and physical therapy. Initially, Paula did not want to leave her room. However, after beginning therapy and making progress, she started to feel like herself again. Her bright smile and charismatic personality began to shine as she became a social butterfly in the therapy gym. With hard work and dedication, Paula was able to walk again and improved her strength and mobility so she could return home.