Selecting a Rehabilitation Provider

When rehabilitation is needed following an accident, surgery, stroke or cardiac event, individuals and family members select Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services as their provider of choice because of our skilled and experienced in-house therapy teams and our state-of-the-art therapy equipment. Our highly trained physical, speech and occupational therapists develop an individualized daily plan for you, setting achievable goals to return you to as full a lifestyle as possible after a health event that requires rehabilitation. Therapies are available and provided as needed based on each individual’s plan of care.

Consider these key factors when evaluating options for an in-patient rehabilitation provider:

  • Do residents have access to therapy at least 5 days a week?
  • Do residents receive therapy during holidays?
  • Are the therapists employees of the rehabilitation center or contract therapists?
  • Will the therapy department conduct home visits for individuals planning to return home?
  • Do residents have access to an Activities of Daily Living Suite so they can test the skills they are regaining?
  • How do the therapists motivate individuals to participate in their therapy sessions?
  • Does the rehabilitation center offer outpatient therapy so individuals can continue to work with a consistent therapist?

What can you expect at Liberty?

Within twenty-four hours following an admission at one of our rehab centers, residents are seen by a physical and occupational therapist. Depending on the resident’s needs, speech therapy may also be part of the evaluation process. After the evaluation, the interdisciplinary team discusses a plan of care with the resident and their family and the realistic time frame they will be able to achieve their goals and safely return to their prior living setting. This projected time frame can change depending on the progress they make.

    • Residents receiving physical therapy will work on strengthening their body to improve mobility, balance, coordination and joint movement, as well as the use of any prosthetics, while minimizing pain and discomfort.
    • Residents receiving occupational therapy will work on skills to help them manage day-to-day tasks such as bathing, personal grooming, dressing, eating and resuming their hobbies and interests.
    • Residents receiving speech therapy will work on improving their communication skills, cognitive function and swallowing abilities.

Most of our therapy gyms include an Activities of Daily Living Suite to help residents work on skills during their occupational therapy sessions. Our therapy teams are also certified to provide enhanced therapy services through a variety of modalities that reach deeper tissues and promote more effective healing. Enhanced therapy services include diathermy to assist with decreasing pain, electrical stimulation to support improved joint movement and muscle strength and vital stimulation to promote better swallowing. When residents are engaged in these enhanced services, they have a more positive experience during their regular therapy sessions.