Shoreland Health Care and Retirement Center Becomes a Center of Excellence for On-Site Wound Care

Quality Surgical Management (QSM) certified Shoreland Health Care and Retirement Center as a Center of Excellence for On-Site Wound Care. This means residents can receive wound care at Shoreland, in the comfort of their own room, instead of being transported to the hospital for treatment.

Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation’s Whiteville skilled care community established itself as a Center of Excellence by offering superior quality and outcomes-focused wound care programs. 

To achieve this special designation, Shoreland met the following criteria:

  • Shoreland has a dedicated QSM Wound Certified Nurse on-site 5 days a week
  • Shoreland has a QSM provider managing all wounds in the building
  • Shoreland hosts regular internal team meetings with a focus on quality and process improvement (QAPI)

Shoreland’s goal is provide residents with the best quality of life possible. For residents receiving wound care, this means doing everything possible to assure fast healing while reducing the need for trips to the hospital.

“Shoreland’s clinical team strives for excellence every day,” said Roxanne Thompson, Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation’s Vice President of Operations. “This is one of many examples of why we are so proud of their dedication to quality of care. The leadership team at Shoreland ensures the nurses have additional education and partnerships with community resources to provide specialized care for those we serve. In this case, advanced techniques in wound care for quality outcomes. The added benefit and confidence to our residents and loved ones of being recognized as a QSM Center of Excellence is the ability of our nurses to provide on-site, advanced wound care services without the disruption of travel outside of our community for healing. This enhancement to our services at Shoreland allows us to expand our ability to provide specialized wound care for those in our community who very much are in need.” 

For more information about Shoreland’s wound care services, call (910) 642-4300 or visit our website.