The Benefits of Speech Therapy

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential part of everyday life. For older adults, speech can be affected by age or following an illness or injury. Thankfully, specialized speech therapy is available to help older adults regain and improve their ability to communicate. Speech therapy can be especially impactful for those who have suffered a head trauma or stroke, those with dementia and those who have trouble swallowing.

Here are some of the ways Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services utilizes speech therapy to enhance quality of life:

Speech Therapy to Strengthen Vocal Cords

Vocal cords become less elastic as we age. The larynx muscles weaken, making communication more difficult. Specialized vocal exercises can strengthen vocal cords to improve communication.

Speech Therapy to Improve Swallowing

Weakened muscles can also affect swallowing, which increases the potential risk of choking on food. Therapy exercises that strengthen larynx and jaw muscles can improve the swallowing reflex, which helps restore an individual’s ability to safely eat and drink the foods they enjoy.

Speech Therapy to Treat Stroke-Related Disorders

Following a stroke, an individual can develop aphasia or apraxia. Aphasia makes it difficult to express thoughts. Someone might say “bed” but mean “chair.” Speech therapy can help them focus on finding the correct word. Apraxia is the inability to move lips properly in order to form words. With speech therapy, the repetition of specific sounds can be used to help someone turn those sounds into words.

Speech Therapy for Dementia Patients

Speech Therapy can also be utilized to help those who suffer from dementia or memory loss. Because speech therapy targets brain functions associated with communication, it can address cognitive aspects of communication like problem solving and staying focused.

Overall Benefits of Speech Therapy

Not being able to adequately express wants, needs and desires can cause frustration and make someone feel disconnected from their friends and family, disrupting their ability to live the quality of life they are accustomed to. People tie their mental capabilities, including their ability to speak, into what makes them their own person. When they can’t thrive in everyday conversations, it can weigh heavily on their self-esteem. If they can’t enunciate or find the right words, it may leave them feeling self-conscious around others. Through rehabilitation, speech can be corrected or at least improved to alleviate some of the problems associated with difficulties speaking.

How Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services Can Help

With 38 locations throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, you can find convenient speech therapy for you or a loved one that is close to home. Whether staying at one of our skilled nursing facilities or receiving outpatient therapy, individuals will work one-on-one with a skilled speech language pathologist to reach their individual goals. We will create a personalized treatment plan to help you or a loved improve communication skills and regain confidence.

Contact Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services today to learn more about our speech therapy services. You can request a free consultation on our website or by calling us at 800-999-9883.